FAQ for students
Once you face any troubles using the platform, please contact us via support@neon.university, and we'll do our best to help you solve it.

Below you may find the answer to the most common questions we get:
Frequently asked questions
I can't find the course I purchased, what should I do?
First of all, please make sure you're logged in: you can only what any payed materials once you access the site with the login and password you created when you purchased the course.
At the top right corner of any website page you should see the student icon (or an avatar that you set). Otherwise you would see the login button at the top right corner: please use it for authorization at the website to access your purchased courses.
After you log in, you may always click the student icon and access "My profile" with all the courses and lectures you purchased collected under "My courses" and "My lectures" lists.
I can't log in and/or find my course, even though I certainly purchaced it!
First of all, don't worry! Just write us at support@neon.university an approximate transaction time and the email address you used for registration, and we will contact you within few hours and help you restore the access to the course materials.
If I skip a lecture, can I watch it later?
Of course! All the lectures and courses you registered for remain available to you any time later on. You may always find all the lectures and courses you subscribed for in your profile by clicking at the student icon and accessing "My profile"
I have some questions left, how can I contact the lecturer to ask them?
For the most interactive courses we normally arrange special chats - you may find it in the "Networking" section of the course page.
Once your course doesn't have this option and the lecturer didn't leave any contact details in the presentation — contact us via support@neon.university, and we will help you connect.
Can I purchase a course, if all the dates have already passed?
Yes, come courses are available for purchase after they are finished: then you will only have a chance to access the recordings, and in case of further questions to the lecturer you may ask them using social networks.
Will you remind me about your lectures? How do I connect?
We send you a notification email 20 minutes prior to any lecture you registered for. The email would include all the connection details: you may watch a lecture online at our website or use the Zoom application - the link and the player appear at the course page 5-10 minutes before the lecture starts (if that doesn't happen, please try to reload the page).
I don't have Russian account, how can I purchase a course?
We currently accept payment from all-over the world except the USA and the UK: you may just use your regular debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Once you need to purchase a course from the UK or the USA, please contact us via support@neon.university, and we'll figure it out.
What is the blockchain technology you use, and why you need this?
Blockchain is a specific data processing technology. Unlike the usual databases, it's not subject to change after a piece of data was saved. That means, nobody would be able to delete, steal or fake your learning history. Blockchain is used to ensure the reliability and immutability of your data.