Wish to start teaching your own course?
You are an expert in your subject and want to teach it online too? Consider joining Neon.University: it's easy and convenient - we'll provide you with all the necessary support to start.

We at Neon.University are always happy to welcome new expertise: contact us at info@neon.univeristy, and we'll find out the best format for our collabration.
Is it a payed job? What would I earn?
We offer various options:
  • we may either pay you a fixed term (and take over the risks of lower demand)
  • or keep a fixed percentage of the tickets sold to your course. All the specific terms we'll discuss together with the program details and the marketing activities for your course.
And what if nobody subscribes?
In case you choose a fixed term, it's fully our risk: we will pay you the agreed amount even if nobody purchases the course.
Yet in case we only keep a commission, we would still contribute to the courses promotion - would share the news with our regular students and invite the target audience of your course to join.
So I can start teaching any course I like right away?
Not exactly.
We are truly keen on the quality of our courses and our lecturers' qualification, and all our programs are based exclusively of the scientific approach, even when we scrutinize such topics as medieval magic of the basis of Egyptian civilization.
Above that, Neon.University is a hobby-learning project: once you with to teach school subjects and help kids prepare for exams, or share the business insights and soft skills, it might not be the best fit. Yet, we have a variety of projects where all those topics may fit - so, anyway, just contact us via info@neon.univeristy
Can I choose my own preferred timing for my course?
Of course! We may advise you specific time slots to fit your audience best, yet you are always free to choose specific date and time.
What do I need to start my own course? Is it complicated?
You'll need a brief description of your course (its topic, structure, main content, length, preferred group size etc). We may ask you some additional questions to define your audience and help building the most appealing description, so that would be clear and attractive.
How much time would we need to start?
That largely depends on you:)
Once the course description and all the materials are prepared, we set up the course page and start promotion. In case you feel certain you can gather your audience in a very short term we may even start within a few days.
Yet normally we advise to allow 2-2.5 weeks since the landing page of sully ready, so that we had enough time to let everyone know the course starts soon.
Would I be able to give my students hometasks?
For sure!
You can either share additional materials (videos, texts, presentations etc), or assign hometasks right at our platform.

Currently we have all the infrastructure to setup the test tasks and ask open questions: tests are checked immediately by the platform, and the long answers you would be able to check right at the platform.
You may also limit the time for the tasks completion.
What if the group would have questions in-between our online meetings? Will we have a means of communication?
We are always ready to provide additional contact details to your students, so they could reach out: we may even create a chat for your group, yet moderating it would be fully your responsibility.
Can I start several courses at your platform?
For sure! They just shouДа, конечно! Главное, чтобы они не повторяли друг друга. И рассчитайте свои силы на ведение сразу двух курсов (ведь вам придется готовить задания, проверять работы и проводить семинары в двойном объеме).
What is the blockchain technology you use, and why you need this?
Blockchain is a specific data processing technology. Unlike the usual databases, it's not subject to change after a piece of data was saved. That means, nobody would be able to delete, steal or fake your teaching history. Blockchain is used to ensure the reliability and immutability of your data.