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How it works?
We offer courses and lectures
Lectures are online one-offs, where you meet our professors who deliver a single topic, always ready to discuss and answer your questions. The recording remains available to you any moment later.

Courses comprise several online lectures and may also include hometasks and extra materials, so that you go deeper into the topic you learn.
You may join a course from any point: all the previous recordings become available to you right after purchase (for payed courses).

Once you finish the course you obtain a blockchain certificate - the one nobody can loose or forge, and all the lessons' recordings forever remain at your disposal: you can watch it again any convenient time.
Connect online, ask your questions to your professor, discuss the topics with other students in real-time.
Watch the recordings of any lecture any convenient time: they never disappear!
Complete tasks and look through extra materials for deeper understanding of the topic.
Our Philosophy
We learn to become happier
With us you would hardly boost your professional skills, yet what we aim to do is to make your spare time bright and exciting: we may teach you the tiny nuances of figure skating or help building happy relationship with your dog: teach it everything you need without stress and punishment.
We learn to master
We aim to help you build practical skills, making maximum use of live communication with the lecturer online, so that you could also master the subjects that are unlikely to be learnt on your own, like rare or ancient languages, or the secrets of yoga philosophy.
We learn from the best
Our lecturers present you the topics they research for years: they teach at the best universities, monitor the latest science news and truly adore their subjects. Most of the courses you wouldn't find elsewhere: here you can disclose the secrets of medieval magic or learn rading the cuneiform of ancient Mesopotamia.
Our courses are taught by the lecturers from
Let's stay in touch!
In our social networks we don't just publish the announcements of the most exciting upcoming events, but also share cool stories and facts from our lectures, advise good reading and quality recommend articles.
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